Price Busting Design for Spring 2013

Same high quality fabric. This coat has no ear pieces and finished at the top of the neck. See the Price Busting Design prices for details

New Improved design for 2012!

We have developed and tested new stud fastenings to replace the old plastic buckles on our coats. These are more secure, less bulky, thus providing more comfort for your dog. In addition these lie flat with the dogs coats to provide an even smoother result!

The earpieces have also been improved even more, to make the coat stay up in the correct position for the dog's ears.

Also newly available is a fixed snood in the same fabric which helps to keep the dogs ears in place and produces a smooth effect on these too.

What is 'Shine On Coat'?

The 'Shine On Coat' is a smart product designed to add real lustre to your dogs coat! It is easy to use, durable, and cuts down on hours of hand stripping. It is made from soft stretchable fabric making it confortable for your dog to wear.

Made to Measure
Long Lasting and durable
Carefully placed fastenings leave no kinks in the dogs coat
Results in just two hours - warn on dry hair NOT WET
A big hit with winning dogs worldwide


How to use the 'Shine On Coat'

Put the 'Shine On Coat' onto your dog - when your dogs hair is dry. For best results the hair should be clean. Lightly mist the hair with water.

Leave the coat on for a couple of hours . For outstanding results leave it on overnight.

Remove the 'Shine On Coat' and you'll be amazed to see the glossy finish, and straight coat it has effortlessly produced!

The Results...

The results speak for themselves.